Return To Maspalomas

Bertie the 'B'

Bertie the ‘B’


Having returned home in April I quickly beat a path north to Scarborough to collect my latest acquisition; a MGB. It is a 1968 vintage with an Oselli Fast Road engine, Weber 45 DCOE carburettor kit, K&N air filters, etc. It is finished in ‘Snowberry White’ (where do they get these names).

Meant as a big brother for Bridget, Bertie B has already taken me down to the South of France for an inaugural run. He handles and rides very differently from Bridget and, I have to say, isn’t half as much fun. Bertie feels more respectable, almost aloof, but is a very good ‘touring’ car.

Although mechanically very sound I shall decide over the winter what I want to change to make him fit in more in his new ‘stable’. I think perhaps a wrap might be the answer, with a few detail changes.

Bridget is tucked up safely for the winter and is in excellent shape for another ‘adventure’. As it will be three years since her last ‘walk-about’ to the Artic and Russia I think we may go off again around June 2017. I, however, am going to spend the winter back in Maspalomas! The climate on Gran Canaria is far more agreeable for lazing around drafting designs for car wraps or dreaming up places to explore in a MG Midget. For the first time, I am not going to take Bridget, or either of the other MG’s, but am flying instead.