Bridget and Bertie’s New Season

Garda, Italy

Bridget has already completed her first engagement this year at the ‘Old Speckled Hen Run’. This is a MG Car Club event, held annually, that was first run 25 years ago. Wednesday 7th June¬†Bridget attended her first photo shoot of the year so currently is looking at her best. Since I arrived back from my Winter Quarters I have tightened down Bridget’s new cylinder head, adjusted the timing and balanced the carburettors. She is in first class condition, even if I say so myself.

I have decided that I am unlikely to go spend next winter away, but am planning to strip Bertie down to a shell and re-spray her. Currently, the choice is for a deep pearlescent red, but that may change.

This weekend Bridget and I shall be at MGLive, Silverstone, so perhaps we will see you there.