Roy Locock

Roy Locock

Roy Locock, born 1947 in the city of Winchester, England. Trained as radio communications engineer and was with the Philips Group for over 20 years before joining Cellnet (now 02). Finally setting-up a successful computer software and outsourcing company before retiring in 2006.

As a child he always had a wanderlust but, being brought-up during the 1950’s and 60’s, foreign travel was very limited for the average person. So as an adult he has always accepted every opportunity that came his way to see the world and now that he has retired he makes his own opportunities.

He successfully steered Bridget the Midget on her adventure around the world in 2008/9 and from Abingdon to Cape Town in 2011. Other trips have included the total coastline of Italy, a brief visit to the Arctic Circle and through the Iron Curtain to St. Petersburg. All thoughts of retiring Bridget have been archived.

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  1. Clay L
    Clay L / 3-7-2016 / ·

    Hi Roy – I remember reading the entire blog you wrote about your initial trip with Bridget around the globe. Is it published somwehere? I would love to re-read it.

  2. Mark Galbraith
    Mark Galbraith / 7-2-2017 / ·


    It was lovely to meet you (and Bridget !) today at Notcutts.

    As we discussed, I’d be grateful if you’d let me know once your TF is in wrap.

    Then perhaps you could let me know when you’ll have it at an AWC / MGCC event, where I could see the end result.

    certainly sounds intriguing !

    All the best

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