That’s Hot, Bridget’s Cool

Bridget was supposed to be ready in December 2012, then March 2013 and finally by the beginning of this week (17th June). However, the engine still wasn’t running smoothly under load on the morning of the 19th June and that only left 36 hours.

Dave Cook, at Kennington Motors, suggested I took her to a rolling road in a last ditch attempt to solve the problem, but where would I be able to get her in at such short notice. Enter R.J.Bradley and Son of Shipton-Under-Wychwood. Andrew, who runs the business, agreed to help if I could get her there for 2:00pm and using their superb facility, and their own expertise, they quickly diagnosed the problems and resolved them.

By close of play Thursday, Bridget appeared to be running perfectly and all of her niggling electrical problems were cleared too. With just a 23 mile shakedown run we would leave Oxfordshire first thing Saturday morning, just 24 hours late.

There were just two optional extras that I decided to leave off Bridget’s new look. They were racing numbers on the doors, I was going to use ’69’ but on reflection thought that would be too obvious, and finally to match the colour scheme I thought of adding a black and yellow motif displaying a prancing GOAT. If you ever try riding a goat bareback, yanking his horns this way and that in an effort to influence the direction he runs in, you will understand the similarity with driving a Midget.

The first day’s run was uneventful apart from a delay at Eurotunnel. I had considered taking a ferry from Dover to Dunkirk but decided at the last minute to use the tunnel. It would have been quicker taking the ferry after all.

Anyway we have arrived safely in Antwerp although someone here has imported a dose of British summer weather! Having been for a short walk in the city I am drenched, not having packed an umbrella. However I found a good local restaurant for dinner and also enjoyed a couple of beers. I love the variety of Belgium beers and enjoy a blond……, no, no Colin, it has no ‘e’ at the end and is a type of beer. Feeling somewhat refreshed I walked briskly back to the hotel. I mustn’t let this sort of extravagant behaviour become a habit or the decision to be made in St Petersburg will be settled before we arrive there.

Tomorrow I intend to explore the city.

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