Renovated Bertie

Say “Hello” to the new Bertie!

Now for six months ‘bedding in’, starting with a rolling road check this weekend. See if the original carbs (HS4’s) are properly tuned. I replaced the Weber with these so that I can tweak the mixture at the side of the road should I need too. The brakes have a servo which they hadn’t before and the clutch has been replaced, otherwise, mechanically, he is pretty much as was.

  • Ready To Go - Bertie
  • With Tonneau
  • Over The Shoulder
  • A Good Angle
  • Just Need A Driver
  • Full On
  • Matching Hood
  • From The Rear - Sorry Bertie
  • New Interior
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  • New Bertie
Ready To Go - Bertie1 With Tonneau2 Over The Shoulder3 A Good Angle4 Just Need A Driver5 Full On6 Matching Hood7 From The Rear - Sorry Bertie8 New Interior9 Broadside10 New Bertie11
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