Vandalised, Gothenburg

There will be no mention of the weather, but note the picture above.

I gave Bridget a day off whilst doing the full tourist bit around Copenhagen. As with many of the Nordic countries the architecture is very pleasing to the eye. I am not so keen however on the green roofs and adornments.

Buildings worth noting are the Rosenborg Slot, Radhus City Hall, The Stock Exchange, and St Nikolaj Church. I spent Sunday afternoon at the Botanical Gardens where, not only did a Great Tit decide to perch on my outstretched hand, it even allowed me to take a photograph (see Gallery – Copenhagen)! These birds are usually so skittish I was amazed.

Monday morning and we drove up to Helsingor to catch the ferry across to Sweden. Originally I was going to drive across the Ă–resund Bridge but as the cost is identical but the ferry route is much shorter I changed my mind. I was delighted when I found myself alongside what I initially thought was a vintage Ford. It transpired however to be a vintage Ford chassis and body, but equipped with a modern and somewhat powerful engine for racing.

The remainder of the run to Gothenburg was pleasant but uneventful. Bridget is still running very smoothly. We found a hotel and I left Bridget in the hotel car park and went exploring.

Gothenburg is a largely clean city with wide multi-lane roads, but relatively little traffic. It is currently hosting the world handball championships so there is a large influx of overseas visitors.

Having explored much of the city I decided I would visit the nearby Volvo museum Tuesday morning and then the Botanic gardens in the afternoon. Following breakfast I went outside to check on Bridget, a ritual I do most mornings before starting the day proper. As soon as I set eyes on her I could see someone had taken a knife to the soft-top. A quick inspection showed that the perpetrators had pulled a bag through the hole and left.

A problem with travelling in the way I do is that everything is distributed across several bags and to remember what is in any particular bag at any one time is almost impossible. It is therefore going to be some days before I can be sure of what precisely the thieves took but I do not think there was anything of great value. However, all my electrical chargers have gone, so I have a mobile, a toothbrush, and several similar items with no charging facilities. I am currently trying, with the help of the Norsk MG Klubb, to get a replacement soft-top.

Watch this space.

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