Bridget With Bertie Behind

As Berties’ restoration nears completion it was only a matter of time before Bridget visited to see ‘first hand’ the progress. The picture above shows Bridget in the middle of having her fluids checked ahead of her appearance at Silverstone for MGLive. Below are a number of pictures, some featuring both cars, others focusing on ‘Bertie the B’.

The engine is now complete and ready for firing-up. The original HS4 carburettors have replaced the Weber as I need to be able to adjust the fuel mixture quickly at the side of the road when driving on extreme mountain roads (altitude over 12,000 feet). All the electrical connections of Bertie’s new loom were made and the power turned on. Only the side lights worked! I started going through all the circuits comparing them to the circuit diagram and gradually things began to work. When I flicked the left direction indicator the front left light blinked, together with the rear right light! Ideal for some Asian countries but generally considered confusing.

Eventually all electrical items were working except the main headlights. The fault here was tracked down to a failed dipswitch which was quickly replaced and now everything checks out except for the overdrive which I cannot check until the engine is functioning.

The replacement passenger door is in place and will be ‘fettled’ this weekend. The drivers door top hinge has to be replaced as there is to much play on the original and then this door will also be ‘fettled’.

Once these things are done then it will only remain to fit the internal trim and new hood. Everything should be complete on the 4th July 2018. Ride on.

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