Bridget Waiting Patiently!

I started my last post by mentioning another, and final, long distance tour for Bridget, and myself for that matter! Since then I have been fleshing out the plan and, in doing so, confirming that it will take place, Covid-19 permitting.

The main itinerary now includes visiting Russia, Kazakhstan, Mongolia, Japan, New Zealand and Australia. I have not as yet firmed up on the route across Europe as I have a tendency to change my mind on that as I leave England, but it will include some countries Bridget has not yet visited! Currently, she has driven through, around or across 52 different countries, so it is somewhat bizarre that there are still countries in Europe that she hasn’t been too. We will be including Switzerland, possibly Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, and either The Ukraine or Belarus.

As I don’t make detailed date, or even route plans, but leave these to the day I am there I won’t commit to what I expect to see. However, on this tour I have decided on one or two items of interest, to me at least. I intend to visit the birthplace of Genghis Khan and the Gobi Desert. I am told the roads in Mongolia generally are ‘underdeveloped’, with only around 10% being tarmac, and the roads in the Gobi are no more than tracks covered with a thick layer of sand. So I need to work out a way of carrying a sand ladder on the Midget!

Outline timescales are, leaving the UK in June 2021, arriving Japan shortly after the Olympics finish in September, New Zealand in October for two months and arriving Australia mid-December. I shall stay in Australia for two/three months and am currently discussing options from there.

The return leg from Australia has still to be considered and will be somewhat dependant on finances! Clearly, if driving, it will either be through Africa and the Middle East, or South and North America. If cash is short, then it may be RoRo home, but not if I can help it. Hopefully, I will have sold Bertie the B, before then!

Finally, for todays bulletin, anyone wishing to leave a comment or message on this site currently has to register. I intend to remove that requirement shortly. The purpose of registering was to dissuade timewasters and abusers so we will do this for trial period. Genuine comments are very welcome. Currently, we have visitors to the site from over 65 countries.

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