Almost ready

Psuedo travel over with, prepare for the real thing. For the past seven months, I have been acting as Club Manager for the MG Car Club but, clearly was making progress too fast and have been removed, because they were concerned about my health, or their own!

So, I have dusted off Bridget and assessed what needs to be done to prepare her for another round-the-world tour. As can be seen in the above photo, she is sitting quite low on the rear suspension, so it will be new springs (the current ones are the originals and completed over 200,000 miles) and new hydroscopic shocks. Such modern upgrades! Also the front bumper (fender)anchor point welds have parted company so they will be rewelded. Other items include a brake system overhaul, check engine valves and seats and standard maintenance work.

Regards the route, I really don’t know. Most likely, is to follow the first leg of the original route planned for 2021 before cancelling but, covid and all the precautions that it requires makes firm planning difficult. So best thing is not to bother with a plan. Keep the authorities guessing and don’t give any warning to people to ‘lock up their daughters’. I may be fourteen years older than the first tour but, that is no reason to forgo the company of the opposite sex.

June 2022 is as close to the ‘start date’ as I can currently get but, the car will be ready anytime from the end of January. The only other things I need to do are prepare a list of spares to take, source one or two visas, although most are available at the borders, and decide on ‘clockwise or anti-clockwise’. The finances are unlikely to improve between now and the start date, so no point worrying about that.

The only thing you folk can all do to help me is to visit the Save the Children page located in the side-bar of this page and please support the fantastic work these people do for all communities around the world. In return, I will maintain this blog throughout the travels and even visit many of the children internationally, that love to see Bridget the Midget.


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