What A View

Well Spring has definitely arrived in Gran Canaria, or at least the southern half of the island, with temperatures stable at around 80°F. My thoughts should be turning to the preparations for my departure home, but I am suffering from a plethora of electronic malaise.

Firstly, the laptop I am currently using for this report, refuses to start more times than it accedes. The fault is not something obvious, but I believe it is caused by the boot-file.

My Ipod, the only form of entertainment I have available when driving Bridget, has ceased to perform. The cause of this is not immediately obvious, as the balcony it fell from is a mere 15’ from the patio and it fell flat on its’ face rather than on an edge or corner! It does show a message telling me to use Itunes Recovery, but then won’t actually allow me to use any controls; not even to turn it off.

To complete the hat-trick my mobile phone battery requires constant re-charging, indicating that the battery is on its last legs.

Fortunately we only have a further four days to serve of my six month exile, including two weeks off for good behaviour. Wednesday morning of the 13th April we pack our bags and move up to Las Palmas on the first leg of our return journey to Chinnor, England. The ferry to Huelva on the mainland leaves early Thursday morning and should arrive Friday evening around 20:30 Spanish mainland time (BST +1).

From Huelva we drive to Santander on the north-west coast of Spain where we board a second ferry to Portsmouth, England. This route is a ‘cop out’ because there are so many issues with Bridget’s health at this time. This way we only have 650 miles (about 10km) to drive, which I think she will make. All being well we will be home around the 20th April, if not then…….



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