Well it’s something like that.

For the statisticians amongst us here are some extracts from the website analysis. There are now regular visitors from 28 different countries and I am very pleased that it includes Baghdad and Kabul where you might think they have more to worry themselves about than an old man with an old car.

Australia, who have consistently contributed the second highest numbers behind the UK, have been relegated to third place by Pakistan. Again it is very pleasing to note that Peshawar is a major contributor even though I went nowhere near it.

Two countries which have come from nowhere are the Netherlands, fifth behind France, and the USA in sixth position. I really do not know how you are finding out about us, but you are all very welcome.

Finally, in the UK we are now up to 55 cities being involved.

Wouldn’t it be great if 50% of you started to use the ‘blogs’ available on each page to just communicate your interest or anything else you would like to add. Perhaps some of you watching from countries I have not yet reached have some tips for me


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