On The Horizon – Tenerife

We have been on the island for three weeks now. I have fallen into a routine of visits to the gym, mountain walking and lazing around.

We are staying at the same complex as on our previous visit and so know some of our neighbours. Maspalomas itself has changed little except that the local authority is constantly upgrading the pedestrian walkways. Also several of the hotels and tourist bungalow complexes have been given facelifts.

The other welcome improvement is to the roads into the island interior. From Maspalomas the GC60 is the main route to the centre of the island and the mountain range. This is a route Bridget and I normally take each week when I go mountain walking and it has been both widened a little and resurfaced. Being a mountain route the road is both steep and very winding, which is great MG motoring but, if it is full of potholes, can be very wearing on Bridget.

I have already had to replace a nearside, front wheel bearing, not due to the motoring here, but the road surface makes a lot of difference.

During our first week here we completed a circuit of the island, something we had not previously done. The total distance was 112 miles which gives you an idea of the size of the island if you haven’t been here. The west side, which was the part we had not driven before, is extremely scenic with the central mountain range extending right across to the coast.

I have uploaded some photographs that I took during a walk around the area of Roque Nublo in the middle of the island, together with a couple taken from a Mirador (viewpoint) on top of the cliffs where the mountains meet the ocean. These photos can be seen in the Gallery under the heading Album of the Day.


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