Rock Nublo

Well the main reason for being here, the weather, has not failed to impress with only one exception when it attempted to rain, but failed. There has been a couple of overcast days and one where the temperature dropped to 18C but the rest of the time has been bright with temperatures in the low/mid twenties.

I have maintained my regime of four mornings a week at the gym, one day a week walking in the mountains and the rest of the time completing normal daily living tasks such as shopping, washing, cleaning, etc. or lazing on the beach.

An unexpected portion of culture was absorbed watching a performance of ‘The Nutcracker’ by the Moscow Ballet Company. Such a highlight is almost unheard of in Maspalomas, but there is a relatively new theatre here and they are testing the populations’ response to different events.

The almond blossom is out all over the mountains (well all over the trees that is), about a month earlier than usual I think. The orange and lemon groves are awash with fruit and grapefruit trees are bending under the weight of fruit. I enjoy half a grapefruit with my breakfast and have been disappointed with the size and lack of flavour of the fruit available in the supermarkets. I can only assume that the beautiful fruit I have seen around the island are either only just becoming ready for picking or that all the best examples are exported.

I guess the main item of news is that Bridget is to get a new ‘big brother’, a 1968 MGB. It means that I have changed our plans to tour the Balkans in the New Year and will return direct to the UK from Gran Canaria in early May. This will also have the added benefit of our being able to attend 2016’s MGLive at Silverstone. I hope we see some of you there.

Some of the latest photos have been added to the Gallery page ‘Album of the Day’.


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