Common Waxbill

Bridget and I have now been on the island for three and a half months. Up until yesterday (17th February) we had only had one rain shower that lasted less than fifteen minutes. Then yesterday we were visited by a mini tornado! This was the first time I had witnessed a tornado and it was quite spectacular even though it was only a small one. It was bright sunshine, although it had been windy all day, then without any preliminaries there was a whistling sound and everything not fastened down was flying through the air. Fortunately, only minor damage was sustained within the complex although when the tornado left it brought down a street light onto a car causing it severe damage.

Today we had heavy cloud most of the morning and early afternoon, then it rained for thirty minutes. The temperature dropped to just under 70°F and television was reporting that snow had fallen in the mountains. However, by 5:00 PM the sun was out and the temperature was rising rapidly.

I have booked our ferry back to the mainland for the 14th April. The route back from Huelva is yet to be determined depending on how Bridget is running. She currently has a few issues, the most pressing being the need for a nearside kingpin replacement. I have tried to source one from the UK but to-date I have been unsuccessful. Once we get back I shall also need to replace the clutch release bearing and find a replacement hood frame.

NOTE: The feature photo associated with this report is of a Common Waxbill, a resident of the Canary Islands. I have been searching for one of these for three months and then suddenly there were a dozen!




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