Central Mountains, Gran Canaria

I am managing to stay sane, or at least I am no less sane than I was before I arrived here in Gran Canaria. I keep reminding myself that laying in the sun, warm and bored is infinitely better than being at home, wet, cold and bored! However, as usual when I have a date for doing anything, the fact that I know I am starting the return journey to the UK in seven weeks’ time I just want to get on with it. There are few things guaranteed to frustrate me more than waiting.

The time has given me the chance to start investigating some possible new projects. Having decided to hold on to Bridget for the foreseeable future (2 or 3 days) I think I may treat her to some upgrades. Front runners are; a five speed gear box, all round telescopic suspension and all round disc brakes. This will be in addition to new stub axles (one is certainly on the way out and may not make it back to the UK) and uprated front springs.

I have been spending an unhealthy amount of time in the local gym since I arrived here. For the past four weeks the in-vision TV there has been covering the Dakar rally!! The more I watch it the more convinced I am that I could do that in an MGB. Flare the wheel arches, fit some decent tyres and ‘Bob’s your uncle’. We might need to lift her off the ground a little, but nothing a decent mechanic couldn’t do. And above all else, it looks damned good fun. Spectating, I couldn’t’ help but notice that most entrants go ‘hell for leather’ and then spend a couple of hours repairing some part or other that has broken. I am thinking along the ‘hare and tortoise’ principle; take a little care on the bends and blind hills and keep the car moving at a reasonable speed, etc. etc. etc.

Could be ready for 2016 following a few months practise in Australia. Potential sponsors wishing to apply should e-mail me direct or contact me through the MG Car Club, Abingdon. Perhaps we should consider the East African rally as a test run prior to Argentina (I still have issues with calling a rally the Dakar when it doesn’t get within 3,000 miles of the place).

Yes, yes, I know I said I would hang up my driving gloves, but his won’t take long and it will be the last one……..


  • Jamie Murray

    Hi Roy,
    you will not remember me ,I had the pleasure of chatting with you at Silverstone,I was collecting for Macmilan and we discussed your world tour and how some countries you had insurance and others not.
    Just want to wish you well with your next project and please keep up the posts,looking forward to following your next trip.
    Kind regards Jamie

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