MG Cyberster – picture courtesy MG Motors

This year ushers in the 100th anniversary of the first ever MG motor car and the appearance of the first MG Motors electric sports car.

This is the first official picture of the NEW MG Cyberster electric car due to be released in the UK later this year. The first electric sports car produced by MG Motors since the marque was bought by its Chinese owners, it has been eagerly anticipated since its conception a couple of years ago. To the MG enthusiast, a very exciting sports car continuing what the brand was best known for.

Two years ago, and again recently, I offered to drive one of these cars ‘around the world’ as soon as it was released, independently proving the technology and engineering quality and recreating the feat accomplished by Bridget the Midget. Initially, the Chinese management were enthusiastic about the offer, but have now declined to follow up the challenge with me.

So this year, I can confirm, Bridget will be back travelling in Europe and possibly returning to the Ukraine. I am considering changing the format a little this time and might possibly bin the ‘solo’ parameter. Much as I am comfortable with my ‘own company’, I am running out of new things to discuss, so may look to introduce change. I shall announce more on this nearer the departure date which will be late June.

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