Ola Thygesen with Bridget, Oslo

Before leaving Gothenburg I had made contact with Ola Thygesen, President of MG Norsk Club. I related the problem I had with Bridget’s soft-top being vandalised and he made some quick enquiries with a local importer of MG spares. Ola reported back saying that it might be possible to add the soft-top to an existing order, with Moss in England, if we were quick. I said to go ahead and I would call Ola next morning.

The day started with some sunshine! This was the first day that I really started to get into my normal travel mood. The route from Gothenburg to Oslo is far less inhabited than everything before it and there was even the promise of some wildlife. I came upon my first road signs of this trip warning of possible moose crossing the road.

At around 11:00am Ola phoned to say “You’re soft-top has arrived”. Even though the order was mid-afternoon the day before, Moss pulled out all the stops to include the soft-top in the order and it had arrived. Moss didn’t even know, until they see this post, that the top was for Bridget.

Half way to Oslo I saw some deer in a field off to my right but they were too far away to bother trying to photograph. The scenery along the route was very pleasant with lots of wild lupins (or similar).

By the time I arrived in Oslo it was arranged that I would go to Ola’s home at around 4:00pm. We started work on the roof at around 4:30pm and got about half-way through the job before Ola had to go for a previous appointment. Thursday morning and we started work at 8:30am and the top was finished by 10:30am when Ola had to go to his office. He left me to set-about fitting the new speedo cable that had been waiting at the hotel on my arrival and so by early afternoon everything was completed.

Once again, the MG community was working. Ola is a top bloke and owner of both a MGB Roadster and a MGBGT. There is quite a large club in Norway and they are currently trying hard to recruit more members from the ranks of MGF and TF owners.

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