Pico de Las Nieves

Whilst sitting here musing in my ‘duplex’ in Gran Canaria, I am reflecting on, why here? Come to that everything is reflecting thanks to the INCESSANT RAIN!

Ah yes, I came here to escape the English winter. I am reliably informed that during the first two days of last week we received a whole year’s quantity of rain. Since then we have had three sunny days and dull cloud for the rest of the time.

Now, according to the weather bureau we have our very own depression. Oh lucky us, it’s caused by the weather…. I wouldn’t be at all surprised to hear that a Canary Island hurricane is brewing up just in time for the Christmas Season. In fact I have already made preparations naming, it aptly for this island, “Puff, the Magic Drag-Queen”

Yesterday the authorities announced that all the schools on the island would be closed today because of the extreme weather forecast (I thought it was only the NUT’s that did bl…y stupid things like that). Well it is raining consistently, but not heavily. There have been some claps of thunder, but it can hardly be considered extreme, just WET.

My neighbour was telling me that he has been to Gran Canaria for the winter three times before and the weather has never been as bad as this. That makes me feel a whole lot better! All I need now is for someone to call and tell me how unusually mild the UK is this year.

I have of course had to put the top up on the car, only to find that it has been down so long it’s shrunk. I must be getting old, as I had to get assistance to ease it in place whilst I closed the fasteners (any potential purchasers of the car need not worry as it will be adjusted shortly).

Sorry, there has been a short break in service due to a power outage. Fortunately it has only affected part of the south of the island. My part of the south of course! I am now typing by candlelight and no, it’s not romantic.

To compensate for the weather I was going to cook myself a special treat. I went out and bought all the ingredients from the market today. Tomorrow I shall have a container full of rotten vegetables because I can’t use the cooker! Just to finish off a wonderful day, I was searching by candlelight for the bottle opener for a rather pleasant Rioja I bought, only for my elbow to just catch the edge of the worktop, right on my funny bone. I yelped knocking over the candle and in trying to prevent a rather inconvenient fire starting, knocked the bottle of wine off the side table to smash on the floor.

With any luck, one of the island volcano’s should erupt shortly blowing everything too smithereens.


  • Polly Blue

    OMG Bridget – does he ever quit whining? Here in rural Ontario, the weather has warmed up …. to minus 20C after several days of minus 30-something. Trish says when the wind blows (all the time) it feels like your eyeballs are freezing. And that old wives tale about it being too cold to snow – not true! We had another foot of snow at the weekend and more to come over the next few days. Of course, I have no actual experience of this as I’ve been tucked up safe and warm in the garage since the middle of November. I don’t envy Trish’s daily driver, a Ford Fusion called Con (Con-Fusion … get it?) even with his fancy-schmancy all-wheel drive and sassy winter tires. He parks in the garage next to me every night and tells me horror stories of their daily 140km round trip to work in Ottawa : multi-vehicle accidents, cars going off the road into the ditch, people in SUVs who drive like its still July – gives me nightmares. So tell Roy that if he wants cold, get himself over here. Otherwise, suck it up, Buttercup!!
    Love Polly

    • roy

      Oh Polly Blue, great to hear from you. Last I heard you were getting a new blue outfit. As you probably noticed Roy splashed out on a new Ferrari outfit for me which is causing a lot of comment. He still has his moments but generally I take no notice. I noticed on the weather forecast last week Ottawa was posted at -21C! I didn’t even know such a temperature existed. Today is just 23C here, about right for Christmas. He was going to sell me (damn cheek) but I think he’s having second thoughts. Too old! He should look to himself. Have a good hibernation and get out and about in the Spring. Love Bridget

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