Bridget and Dorothy

With only three weeks to go before the ‘off’ Chris and I visited Nuffield Place, the home of the late Lord Nuffield, previously William Morris. Nuffield Place was recently handed over to the National Trust who is trying to raise £600,000 to enable them to open it to the public next year.

The cars are pretty much ready, just minor tinkering required, and the route still remains as originally envisaged (you can view the Google map of it on the Route page). We now have most of the required maps, carnets to enable us to temporarily import and export the cars through the different borders and visas for ourselves.

We have produced a postcard showing the team outside Nuffield Place which is available for anyone that contributes to our chosen charity, CoCo. Once you have contributed, if you want a postcard sent from somewhere in Africa, then give us your address on the blog below (they will not be published).

We have established a Twitter page,, which we will be updating whenever we can, however not all countries may allow this. So if you want the most recent events follow us on there and help spread the word by re-tweeting whenever you can. Of course, this site will be updated and photographs added whenever we get a chance.

Finally, we will be in Abingdon Town Square for the wave off between midday and 3:30pm on Sunday 11th September and will welcome all that are able to join us.

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