Clean and Tidy

Surprise, surprise, very little was achieved over the Christmas or New Year period. I have now though started Bertie’s rebuild.

Starting with the new wiring harness and the various brake and fuel pipes, I realised that I had forgotten the proper routing from rear to front! I then realised that, although when removing everything I was certain that I would remember the location where things go, I have forgotten. I soon discovered that the Haynes workshop manual, although generally very good, does not show every detail so I had to resort to the internet. I then found that there are photographs and videos of almost everything required when restoring a MGB, thankfully.

So with the harness loosely in place the steering column was next. I decided to work from the rear of the car towards the front. So all of the rear lights were installed and connected to the wiring loom. This will be followed, this week, with the doors and interior items, excluding any trim or seating. All of the trim is to be replaced including the seats, belts, door panels, etc. This will be added after everything else has been done.

  • Cleaner Required
  • Apply Engine Cleaner
  • New Clutch Fitted
  • Still More Cleaning Required
  • Shell Back From The Paintshop
  • First The Wiring Harness
  • Steering Column Fitted
  • css image gallery
  • Start Reassembly From The Back
Cleaner Required1 Apply Engine Cleaner2 New Clutch Fitted3 Still More Cleaning Required4 Shell Back From The Paintshop5 First The Wiring Harness6 Steering Column Fitted7 Parts Heap (Not boxed or labelled)8 Start Reassembly From The Back9
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