Gran Canaria

My father (in MG Kin terms) has reprimanded me for the lack of updates on here. I have no otion but to plead ‘guilty’ and apologise to all readers.

There is no real excuse as I have been spending my winter counting grains of sand on the beaches of Gran Canaria with only occasional attempts to secure a sponsor for another MG adventure this year (2019). Not only have I failed to update this site but I have equally failed in securing the sponsorship. There is one last opportunity and then if I am still unsuccessful I have decided to accept ‘no’ as a final response and retire from the world of adventure MG driving.

Meanwhile, as I previously indicated, I have been relaxing here on Gran Canaria and avoiding another cold English winter. The climate has generally been warm with the highest daytime temperature having been only 16C on one specific day but the average being 20+C. The current short term plan is to return to the UK the day after ‘Brexit’!! Might be interesting from the point of view that nobody really knows what documentation will be required to drive a UK registered MG on a Spanish European highway! Not quite as exciting as wondering if IS is just around the next bend, but hey I’m getting old! Perhaps just to spice things up a bit I will get a ‘Hands of Gibraltar’ sticker for the rear bumper.

Bertie and I have another seven weeks here and then Bertie will have a second opportunity to stretch his legs and impress me with his performance. Once we are back in the UK there is some outstanding remedial work to be done on the body, mainly getting the doors to fit properly, and then tighten up one or two loose items. He should be ready for MGLive at Silverstone in June.

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