Have To Take This Bit Out

Work has been steadily progressing on Bertie’s restoration, but the plan has changed. I reached the point where the number of panels needing to be repaired or replaced, due to rust, was no longer the best solution. Bertie is to have a complete new shell!

The old body shell has been sent to have those panels that are still sound removed and re-used, and the new body, made by British Motor Heritage, has arrived. The seams of the new body have been sealed, in line with recomendations, and several holes have been drilled for accessories to be attached. Now the bodyshell has gone to the paintshop and I am busy cleaning the engine and gearbox, replacing the clutch and restoring everthing else currently laying in a heap on the garage floor.

  • Before and After - Front Wheel Hub
  • Old Shell Condemed
  • Old Shell Making Room for New Shell
  • Don't Like The New Style Bonnet Stay!
  • New Shell 2
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  • Battery Compartments
Before and After - Front Wheel Hub1 Old Shell Condemed2 Old Shell Making Room for New Shell3 Don't Like The New Style Bonnet Stay!4 New Shell 25 Interior of New Shell6 Battery Compartments7
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