Bedford Van GC Style

I have now been on the island for two months, which is a third of my sentence served. Mr Innes at the Car Club has quite rightly taken me to task for not posting anything on here for several weeks and I should have enough time spare to do so.

I have settled in really quite well and developed a weekly routine. I have joined a very well equipped gym and go there Monday and Friday mornings, and depending on other activities some Wednesdays. I go into the interior of the island once a week and walk around the mountains which are beautiful with some great views. The island is very varied in its vegetation with the north being really quite green and the south, very barren.

I have fallen in with a group of classic car enthusiasts and attended a couple of their Sunday displays for the general public (similar to the shopping/garden centre event the MGCC do). There are some surprising cars hidden away here including a 1954 MG TD owned by the proprietor of the holiday complex next door to where I am staying. Can anyone name the above car?

Bridget now has two new front wheel bearings and is handling much better. The roads here, with the exception of one main motorway, are small winding mountain roads or dirt tracks. Many of the mountain roads are not much more than single carriageway with hairpin bends very common.

Winter has certainly arrived with the temperature falling to 20°C on a couple of days. The south coast of the island, which is where I am based, gets the best of the sun but can be very windy. This causes mini sand-storms that can make the beach less attractive than the pool outside my front door. The sand on the beach is quite fine, but gritty and you can end-up sand-blasted rather than sun-burnt.

I have uploaded some photos of the area around Soria in the south-west of the island which is really quite beautiful and also some photos of a few of Bridget’s new friends.


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