Don’t Mention The War!

Hello to you all. Countdown to the next leg of this journey is now underway. The plan, such as it is, is to follow the Pan American Highway from just outside of Buenos Aires across Argentina, over the Andes into Chile. Then turning north I will drive much of the length of Chile and entering Peru still travelling north. A short detour from the highway to take in Machu Picchu famed for the Inca settlement and then rejoining the highway to drive into Equador where we will hitch another sea trip around the Darien Gap to Panama. From there it’s just a matter of travelling north to Canada. Should be a piece of cake.

The break whilst Bridget has been travelling from Freemantle to Buenos Aires has given me some time for reflection on the first two legs of the journey and I have concluded that those that accused me of being ‘crazy’ are probably right. I shall check into the first asylum for the confused just as soon as I have finished.

I am currently in Miami on route to Argentina. I have brought with me a range of cold weather clothing as I have none in Bridget at the moment and the final leg will certainly require it. It was just 17ºC when I arrived here and since then it hasn’t risen above 33ºC!! Miami has a long sandy beach but neither as long or as golden as the beaches we found in Australia. I was laying by the pool when a young lady walked by followed, at a respectful distance, by a young muscular guy. They stopped by some poolside beds and she removed her robe revealing an aluminium effect bikini. I can’t think why, but I suddenly remembered a wonderful recipe that I used to cook. Take a chicken (or turkey) and fill it with a chestnut, sausage meat and cranberry stuffing. Cover it in streaky bacon and wrap in bacofoil. Roast in the oven and serve with sauté potatoes and vegetables.

I fly into Buenos Aires on the 16th May and Bridget should already be there if the shipping agent is correct with the estimated date of arrival of the 13th May. All being well I hope to leave on this part of my journey on the 20th May. So we should start regular updates on this site again shortly afterwards.

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