Bridget’s Ready

I was beginning to wonder if we would ever get away but, having cancelled the world tour, I managed to get away this morning for a 90 day  tour of the Balkans.

We left at 07:30 and by 09:30 we had travelled just 9 miles! Having joined the M40 in Oxfordshire, there was an accident causing the complete closure of the Southbound carriageway. We missed the mid-day ferry we had booked to Dunkirk and had to catch the following one some two hours later. The drive across Belgium was good, but we were unable to make up the time and so were late arriving in the Waterloo area, where a hotel I had booked was located. I got us hopelessly lost (which is why I rarely book hotels in advance), but managed to purlion two passing police officers and got an official escort to the hotel. That’s style.

First Day of Ninety

I have been told, that this weekend, there is going to be a re-enactment of the ‘Battle of Waterloo’ just a few miles from where I am staying, so I have extended my stay and purchased a ticket. Having already visited the battle site museum, I can say it is very well presented, an impressive underground building, therefore not visually impacting on the battle site, but it does appear to me to be somewhat biased in favour of Napoleon. There is considerable detail of most of his life story with minimal mention of Wellington, Blucher or the Prince of Orange, almost as if they were bit players.

I shall be interested tomorrow to see just who wins!

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