Page, Arizona

Page, Arizona is a small and very young town. It really didn’t exist until it was decided to build a dam, creating Lake Powell and the town was officially incorporated in 1957. It also has a copper mine but the major income earner for the town today is tourism.

It is a great jumping-off point for the Grand Canyon, both southern and northern rims, has a fascinating and quite unique canyon called Antelope Canyon and lots of water sports on the lake.

The people here are genuinely warm, hospitable and friendly, and they are also well aware of the outside world.

The owner of the local radio station, Dan Brown, a fellow MG owner (2 in fact, a MGB and a TD), contacted me through this website and invited me here for a couple of days R & R. I thought this was very kind of him and that was before I knew that he had arranged a number of activities for my delectation.

One in particular I want to mention was a tour of the Antelope Canyon (or Slot Canyon as it is sometimes known due to its extremely narrow passage). The canyon has been formed by flood waters and wind carving out the passageway in the red sandstone. With sunlight streaming in from the top the walls which are smooth, but striped by different formation layers and shaped with wind carved undulations, the resultant effect is one of artistic spectral design.

I have uploaded to the Gallery section a special selection of photographs that I took which have not been in any way altered or enhanced by filters or artificial lighting (I wouldn’t know how).

During the afternoon I recorded an interview for the local radio station and then appeared at a local community event raising awareness and offering support to families affected by crime and drug abuse.

During my second day in Page I worked on Bridget during the morning and have overcome the misfire. She still gets a little hot and the carburettors are not perfect but we will continue the way we are.

Late in the afternoon I was given the opportunity to try riding a Sea-Doo for the first time. I always knew these as a water scooter and remember seeing one in a motor cycle shop when I was a mere slip of a lad. Since then I had always wanted to try one. My teacher, Janet, was marvellous and I had an absolute ball, even managing to show off and stand up on the seat whilst going full belt. Another ambition achieved.

We left Page on Thursday morning feeling considerably refreshed and I would recommend the resort of Page to anyone planning a trip to the Grand Canyon area as they can offer so much more than just the canyon.

We ventured on towards Vegas and a last minute change of mind meant we did not go to the northern rim of the Grand Canyon, however we did pass through the Zion National Park which is another fabulous area of mountains and canyons. A second location on the trip well worth seeing is the Virgin River Canyon, once again dramatic, rugged sandstone cliffs and mountains with a good MG driving road. We arrived in Las Vegas at 3:00pm and are in our 4th state, being Texas, Arizona, Utah and now Nevada.

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