Los Lugarejos, Gran Canaria

I have been inactive for some time now and am once again in Gran Canaria for the duration of the British winter. This is the third winter, out of four, that I have spent here even though after each period I have decided not to return! The climate here on the southern coast of Gran Canaria is really as good as I have found anywhere in the northern hemisphere.

I am considering another ‘walk-about’ when I return to the UK. Currently the thinking is to leave the UK in late June 2017 and to make my way into the Crimea and specifically, Balaclava. A relative on my father’s side of the family fell in Balaclava and I want to visit the battle site. I need to sort out the pleasantries of which country issues visa’s for visitors, etc. ie Russia or Ukraine or both!

Following Balaclava I would also like to visit Azerbaijan and┬áBaku in particular, but I am not sure it is very practicable. It appears that it is difficult to leave Azerbaijan and drive into Russia which is what I want to do, however it is currently only a wish-list. Over the winter here I will try to sort out a plan, if not we will just go where the heart and available visa’s allow.

I have new neighbours here in Maspalomas. I think they are Italian, but that is a guess. He appears ready to be friendly but she is clearly horrified to discover they have an English vagrant turning the property next door into a squat! I think it is totally unreasonable, of course, as I don’t have a car with me there are no gearboxes, engines, differentials or anything similar on the patio. Perhaps it’s just my personal appearance!

I have fallen into my usual lifestyle visiting the gym several times a week, walking in the mountains once a week, and lazing in the sun most of the remaining time.

During this visit to the island I shall be turning seventy years of age (shock, horror). This is causing me considerable angst because although I have normally subscribed to the idea that you are only as old as you feel, seventy was always the measure of true old age. I remember as a five/six year old, nobody survived much over seventy and when the Grim Reaper finally called their number everybody said “they had a good innings”.

Anyway I have reached a number of decisions. Many acquaintance’s will say I have already started a second childhood. I reserve the right to continue in that vain, and indeed, accelerate this most desirable condition. I also reserve the right to continuously recollect my version of history. As an old man I demand the right to be childishly emotional. I will also freely advise those close to me of how they should conduct themselves even if it conflicts with my own past behaviour. I now know better. Finally, but I may change my mind and add a few more things, I may become cantancerous. This will be attributed to having had a difficult childhood, which seems to be today’s ‘get out of jail’ card.



  • Gary Lock

    Maybe that Italian woman is not used to naked Englishmen wandering around? Is she somewhat younger than the husband..if so this makes an ideal scrip for a novel, something that you could whip up over the winter period.We both turn 70 in 2017, and I’m wondering if there is such a thing as the 70 year itch?…meaning wanting to do all those things one has wanted to do since 20 years of age. Hence the Coast to Coast Walk next year.
    Merry Xmas Roy, and will forward to meeting up next June.

    Gary & Anita

    • roy

      Good to hear from you again, Gary. I didn’t realise you were so old! I knew Dave was, but that is a given. Well welcome to the club and I hope we can touch base next year. Love to Anita and Merry Christmas to both.

  • Gary Lock

    Hi Roy. A question…one of our MGA UK members is bringing his car to Adelaide this year for the National Meeting. He is having big problems getting insurance in Australia, because he is not an Australian resident. I was wondering how you got insurance for your World travels, and if we can help him…any advice I can pass on?

    If you can respond to our email please?


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